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The Stock Market Functions (SMF) add-in was developed by Randy Harmelink. This add-in contains a number of user defined functions for EXCEL that can allow data to be extracted and/or retrieved from the web and placed directly into EXCEL cells or ranges.  The add-in is free and must be installed on the computer for the functions to work. There is a learning curve but this is a powerful add-in where you can write a cell formula vs code to extract data from web pages or use the templates below. 


You can join the SMF group at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/smf-addin and download and install the add-in at http://ogres-crypt.com/SMF/ . Please refer any questions concerning the add-in to the SMF group. 

These templates were designed in Excel 2016 using the SMF add-in and the Windows OS & are dependent on free access to various financial websites.


If you have comments, questions or template problems please let me know at iiex@live.com

In addition to future templates, existing templates will be updated with new features, information, etc., so occasionally check back to be sure you have the most up to date files.




IIEX SMF Templates - Downloaded financials only for the USA stock exchange listings 

Below templates look for the SMF add-in in the following location: C:\SMF Add-in 

FairValue AnalysisStandAlone:   The SMF function used to download CVS data from Guru will only work if you subscribe to Guru. You also need to have online access to the WSJ.  This is the work horse of all templates; a powerful & intricate program that gives you the flexibility to change a variety of inputs for several different models. 10 years of financial data plus TTM data is imported into excel & performs a DCF, Graham & PE analysis. The user can use generated computer rates (only recommended as a starting point), or their own inputs. You can also create and work with up to 5 portfolios. The summary on the "Fair Value List" is a partial view of program results. Stocks include most listings on the USA stock exchanges only.   This version will also allow one to combine financials to look at pro-forma results in the event of an announced merger. Downloads the past 10 years of financial data plus TTM. (non subscribers see below)

Shiller PE Ratio compared to the Median over various time periods: - Compares the Shiller PE to median values over various time periods to get an idea of market valuation and includes an overlay of GDP growth & inflation rates. You choose the time periods to establish medians; the area between the upper and lower bounds are shaded. Calculates S&P earnings growth trends and projects 5 and 10 year (Example) S&P returns from todays value (not in video).  There is also a comparison of the 10 year treasury vs. inflation. Click here for a video intro. The program has been updated since the video was made in 2014 the example link above shows a few updates. There are also market gauges that give a snapshot of valuation both yearly and monthly for any end date. An view of this is on the home page on the far right.

For financial templates that also download financial information & require no add-ins click the "Excel Web Query" tab in the sub-menu bar above.

Available video intro's can be found here.


How to fix (video) hard coded links after downloading a SMF template from any source - Click Here


IMPORTANT: These templates extract data from various public websites. These templates will only work if these websites allow data extraction and/or do not change the structure of their site.  If there are changes to the site the template can usually be updated but there are no guarantees.  If this occurs please let me know at iiex@live.com


The templates on this web page are for information and educational purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any stocks mentioned. Template data is not represented to be complete and neither its accuracy nor timeliness is guaranteed.  Nor is there any guarantee these templates will be available in the future.


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