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Stock market research. I've been investing full time for over 20 years and developed a model based on modified Graham, DCF & PE analysis. Results are located on the Fair Value List page. 

My page at "Seeking Alpha".


Checkout the blog on this site. Some titles are listed to the right.

Market Valuation:Click here to check out a visual representation of market valuation with interactive capability. 


Focus Stock - Click here for current picks & historical results

S&P 5 and 10 year projections added under Market Trend tab. Based on S&P yearly earnings coming back into alignment with the long term historical earnings trend.



Fair Value List 12/01/23

Interactive Market Model 12/01/23


Research links & data for focus stock LUMN. 


Visit Market Trend for an interactive view of data shown below


Date as of Jan 1 & the current date for the most recent year, i.e.,why the current year is listed twice.

Cody-Klein Enterprises

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